The recovery of a historic building

When we decided to embark on the adventure to renovate a building, whose history is written in the joyful contest of the innercity of Gallarate, to make it an extra hotel structure, we wondered: “what kind of experience would I like to live if i’d be one of my guests?”

So, we created the offer that we ourselves would have liked to buy, therefore a space where intimity and sociality would live together breaking barriers amoung, businessmen, tourists and citizens.

The quality of the details

Palazzo Pasta thought about you, that when you close the door of your room, you consider that one the most important moment of your day, as you can start to dedicate your time to yourself, at your wellness in an atmosphere we created of spread design, of cure of details where everything has been studied around your person and about the concept of “home feeling”.

We also thought about who is looking for a long overnight stay, painting a space full of all comforts to feel exactly like at home.

“Happiness is something that is multiplied when it is shared.

Discover all the rooms of the Aparthotel Palazzo Pasta and choose the most suitable one for your stay in Gallarate, one step away from Milan